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Showing how to link an image to its photo gallery page

View Backpacking trip 2003-2005 on Sander's travel map.


Created like this:


Linking back from the photo to the blog entry is however not possible.

You could consider instead linking to a stop on the map, e.g. https://www.travellerspoint.com/map/#/trip/16417/stop/17591, and giving dates to your blog entry (in the "Describes Travel From ... Until ..." fields) which match the date on the stop, which will cause a link back (and also a link to the stop at the top of the blog entry, see "View Backpacking trip 2003-2005 on Sander's travel map." at the top of this one.)
Images will similarly also show up on the map based on matching dates and location.

So, putting it all together, like this:

Created like this:


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thumbnail test


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how do comments show up?

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Floating images


Short text


Other short text
But two lines.


More short text

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draft test


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